Thai Food

I love this dish and always order it when its on the menu, basically it consists of nam prik ong ( crushed tomatoes, minces pork and red curry paste) sour sausages, deep fried sausages, northern style sausage, steam vegetables, peanuts and pork crackling all of which you dip into the nam prik ong.

Not really Thai I know, but they sell these deliciously fresh rolls at most of the food courts in the shopping malls around Chiang Mai and they are really yummy, they are served with a spicy dips

Rumchok market near our house in Sansai, has a great market that sells all sorts of yummy Thai food, from curry based dishes to spicy salads to bbq fish.

I love rice noodle soup ( goew tiew nam dok nua) I think thats the correct translation to Thai. You can get this dish at many noodle shops around the city I like the little noodle shop just off Ratchadamnoen Road, behind Giresole Italian Restaurant.

Bpor bia gung ( deep fried minced shrimp, with pork and coriander) Its usually sold as an appetizer and tastes great!

Spicy Shrimp Salad with Mango

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